• AVOID injury...on the job, on the field, or at home.
  • ACHIEVE peak performance...and reduce costs.
  • AID rehabilitation and recovery...for optimal performance with positive outcomes.

Motion Watch offers revolutionary DARI Motion Health technology. DARI makes the complex world of capturing and interpreting human movement data simple. From collecting motion data, to processing files, to reporting results, DARI gives people the ability to access and act on data as quickly as possible. Discover the world's only predictive motion analytics system and the support team of engineers and healthcare experts behind it. We're helping people feel better, move better and heal better.

Motion Watch’s unique and accessible delivery model will make it available and affordable to all those who wish to participate.  They have teamed up with Advanced Physical Therapy and will be located in several areas in Wichita beginning in June 2017 allowing for a “one stop shop”.

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