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Motion Watch DARI Demonstration
to Feb 14

Motion Watch DARI Demonstration

Please join the Motion Watch team for an exclusive open house demonstration of our new DARI Motion Health technology!


DARI Motion Health is a biomechanical analysis technology utilizing markerless motion capture and cloud-based analytics to provide comprehensive movement data in as few as five minutes. This data can help you:


·         Optimize patient/athlete performance

·         Assess risk and help your patients/athletes avoid injuries

·         Streamline rehab and track outcomes with objective data


During our demonstration, you will see how the technology works and the quick, personalized reporting it produces. If you’d like to go through a DARI Functional Motion Analysis scan to check your motion health, simply bring clothing and shoes that will allow you to move freely.

This is a two day open house event, however, to schedule your own personal demonstration and time please contact Julie Olson at 316-516-2619.

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